A Soul Set Free



As the LORD revealed shame in my life, I wanted to hide it. I wished I could have had another testimony other than my present reality. But hiding shame never heals it. 

Condemnation of Shame

Sorting through the raw emotions of legitimate and illegitimate shame, conviction and condemnation, was confusing and sent me spiraling further down into the cycle of shame.

The Cycle of Shame

As I processed shame, I began to realize the cyclical pattern of shame that keeps us in bondage to shame. And I found a way out. You can, too.

The Reach of Shame

Shame cannot reach a healed soul. When we find our identity in Christ and recognize He covers our sin and shame, we begin to extinguish shame's reach in our lives.

The Cycle of Shame Off You!

As we explore the cycle of shame and its pitfalls, we can learn to create healthy ways of escaping the cycle of shame and instead continue on the cycle of redemption through Shame Off You!

Silencing Shame

If we open our eyes, we can see shame throughout our lives, but this revelation does not need to paralyze us anymore. Come join the Shame Off You revolution and be set free today!

Finding our Worth in God alone

Shame snuffed out any worth I thought I had. Distinguishing the source of shame helps us to extinguish it! Insecurities abounded until I find my worth was hidden in Christ, and He removed all of my shame. Worship the LORD with me ~ He is enough and we find our worth when we declare His!  All glory to God! Shame Off You!