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A Tale of a Girl Who Shrunk Her Shame . . .


And Enjoyed the Abundant Life Christ has for her . . .

Navigating through the many levels and layers of shame, Shame Off You guides the reader through the hidden and known shame in their life and how to be rid of shame for once and for all . . . biblically. 

Interjecting personal testimony and biblical character sketches, along with application questions and an interactive format, Shame Off You is a refuge for the shamed and a place for real healing to happen. 

Taking the skills Denise acquired by removing shame through a traumatic life experience, Denise applies the same biblical tools and principles to shame in every area of life: Displaced shame. Guilt trips. Comparison traps. False shame. Financial lack. Appearance and perceived flaws. Shame is everywhere . . . only if you let it be. Shame Off You!

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We don't often recognize shame in our lives. And the shame we do recognize we would rather not talk about. Until now.

Shame has silenced us, but it can be a catalyst toward our healing if we know how to handle shame biblically. Come join the Shame Off You life as Shame Off You is published this fall.